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The Science of Latigo

The work we are doing at Latigo is based on unique in-house research and insights. We start with sophisticated models, human biological insights, and a discovery engine that sets us apart, offering best-in-class potential.

We have multiple novel pain programs in discovery and development that leverage our internal ion channel expertise and offer best-in-class potential. Our lead program targets Nav1.8, a validated human pain target.

Disrupt Pain Without Opioids

While other treatments dull pain, Latigo’s solutions target the source of pain before it reaches the central nervous system. The result is healing without dependence, and relief that can help restore quality of life.

Multiple Novel Pain Programs in Development

Select Target

Select the Target

Latigo’s targets are grounded in human biology, using human tissue, and are identified by human genetics and/or pharmacology to elucidate the mechanism of action.

For target selection we require:

  • Rigorous human genetics or human pharmacology linking the target to pain
  • Demonstrated molecular and histological expression of the target in human tissue
  • Functional expression of the target in human neurons
  • Established pharmacologic target engagement that can modulate neuronal excitability in human neurons
Optimize Therapeutics

Optimize Therapeutics

We advance the best drugs. Novel compounds are generated against our targets using state-of-the-art computer-assisted, structure-based, and knowledge-based design techniques to optimize potency and selectivity. We then further evaluate these in human model systems to demonstrate target inhibition, thereby maximizing the likelihood of analgesia in the clinic.

Our approach includes:

  • Rapid multiparameter optimization to ensure potency, selectivity and druglike properties of candidate molecules
  • Leveraging in-house patch clamp infrastructure to rapidly prosecute compound bioactivity to drive rapid innovation
  • Demonstrating that target engagement can inhibit human neuronal excitability with optimized Latigo compounds
  • Understanding the quantitative level of human target engagement necessary for analgesia in the clinic
Hit The Target

Hit the Target

Even the best drug cannot be effective against pain if it does not reach the target. An important component of our drug discovery effort is to ensure that the medicines we advance readily access the tissue where the target is expressed.

To hit the target we:

  • Measure drug biodistribution at site of target expression in the peripheral nerve compartment in multiple species
  • Minimize drug biodistribution to the central nervous system to maximize safety
  • Incorporate target tissue drug levels in human dose projections to drive analgesia at the site of pain
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